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Are there any additional requirements or steps in a Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is unique in that you, your spouse and both of your collaborative lawyers must sign a contract agreeing that you will not go to court. If at a later point in time one of the parties decides that they do want to go to court then the lawyers will remain bound by that agreement and will not be able to continue to act for their clients.

This requirement adds an extra layer of incentive for the lawyers involved to work towards settlement rather than escalating conflict because they know... MORE »

Will a Collaborative Divorce treat me fairly in financial terms?

Collaborative Divorce uses the same system of financial disclosure as a regular divorce. Documents are drafted just as thoroughly and carefully in a Collaborative Divorce as in any regular settlement or family matter. Collaborative lawyers will still let you know what the law says about your property and support issues.

The difference is that Collaborative lawyers will encourage you to focus on finding a solution that feels fair to you and your spouse, rather than a solution which a politician or judge thinks is fair. In this way parties are often... MORE »