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Who can apply for a child’s passport?

Either one of the child’s parents, or their legal guardian may submit a passport application. It is not necessary that both of the parents sign the application, however, the Passport Program may contact the other parent if they have not signed the document.

It is important to note that in cases where one parent has custody of a child, they must be the parent to apply for the passport. In this scenario, be sure to have copies of your separation agreement or court orders that outline the custody arrangement.

Finally, children over... MORE »

Do I need a Letter of Consent if I am traveling with my child?

If your child is under the age of majority, a Letter of Consent should be obtained from your child’s other parent any time you plan to travel outside of Canada. This applies to either parent, or if your child is traveling with another family member or a group.

Usually, the custodial parent or guardian signs Letters of Consent. However, in some instances, it can be prudent to have a parent with access rights to sign a Letter of Consent. While the Government of Canada does not technically require a Letter of... MORE »

When should passports be considered in family law?

The short answer is that passports should be considered during the initial separation of you and your spouse. This may involve a conversation with your spouse about which parent will hold onto your children’s passports, and how passports will be provided to the other parent for any travel.

If your children are still infants, and do not have passports, you may need to consider adding provisions into your separation agreement or court order about who will obtain and hold on to your children’s passports. Issues often arise in this area, and... MORE »

When should I be thinking about passports in family law?

Passports are a very important document for your children and should be considered immediately upon separation. Parents should be considering which parent will hold the children’s passports and how the transfer of documentation will occur if the other parent requires those passports for a trip

Even more important is the situation where a separation occurs when the children are still young and do not even have passports. In such a situation many parents may not consider the repercussion of not addressing this issue in their separation agreement or court order and... MORE »

What are the requirements for separated couples to obtain passports for their children?

Parents who have joint custody of their children must both sign a passport application for a child of the marriage. Even if a parent has sole custody of their children if the non-custodial parent has specific access dates (for example every other weekend) then both parents signature must appear on the passport application. This can be difficult if the child’s parents are not on good terms.

A parent with sole custody where the other parent has no access or “reasonable access” can usually receive a passport for a child without the... MORE »