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Posts from the ‘Spousal Spying’ Category

I feel like my spouse is spying on me. Is that allowed?

No. It is not okay for your spouse to be spying on you. If your spouse has been intentionally intruding on your privacy, you may be able to make a claim against them for “intrusion of seclusion.”

In order to prove this, you must show the court:

  1.   An unauthorized intrusion;
  2.  The intrusion was highly offensive to a reasonable person;
  3.  The matter intruded upon was private; and
  4.   The Intrusion caused anguish and suffering.

An intrusion of this nature could include an invasion into private affairs, as long is it was deliberate and significant.

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Can I get in trouble for spying on my spouse?

Yes, depending on what actions you have taken compared to your normal daily activities you may face civil action or even criminal charges for spying on your spouse.

If you are caught spying on your spouse intentionally or recklessly in a way that you should have known would result in discovering private information then your spouse may be able to make a civil claim against you for “intrusion upon seclusion”.

If you install spyware on a computer or other electronic device for the purpose of spying on your spouse then you could... MORE »

If I look at my spouse’s financial documents does that count as spying?

It will depend on the actions that you took in order to find your spouse’s documents. It is allowed to look at and make copies of account statements or other financial documents that you would be able to access in your normal day to day routine.

You can also make copies of account statements or other financial documents that you find lying around the house or in any other place you might normally go during your day. If you are required to take additional actions, such as opening up your spouse’s... MORE »

Can I log in to my spouse’s Facebook or other online accounts?

Generally you should not be accessing your spouse’s Facebook account unless you would normally do so. For example if you had a shared Facebook account during your relationship, it would still be acceptable for you to access it after a separation, but if you both had your own Facebook accounts and you would typically not access your spouse’s account during the relationship, you should not access it after separation either.

Even if you know your spouse’s password and set up the account for them, you are still not entitled to access... MORE »